Facebook Ads For E-COMMERCE
Jeremy Jason
Carlo Odisho

I've never had success with Facebook ads before. I have spent around $800 and got only few sales. I always relayed on Instagram influencers and I'm not gonna lie I had a success and still have. At the same time I didn't give up on Facebook ads and I always knew I was missing something in my ads. After joining the course and had two calls with Mark Hagar. He literally showed me that missing PIECE!

What I'm trying to say is Facebook ads are not rocket science but they're TRICKY!

These screenshots are from the past three days and today isn't even over yet.

- Carlo 

Muaz Choudhry

Spent $30 to make $4,000

After joining Marks Facebook Ads Course I implemented what he taught me and starting making sales after only $30 in ad spend. I'm getting $15 conversion and each conversion is worth $2,000. So far I've made $4,000 with $30 ad spend and I'm not even retargeting yet. 
- Muaz

So you can learn how to:
  • Find the right Instagram Pages 
  • Know how much to spend
  •  Why you need to be tracking

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